Spirit Christian Academy (SCA) is a Christian University-Model School for grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our commitment to students and parents is twofold. Our first priority is to help young people grow in the Christian faith and live in that faith. To accomplish that end, SCA offers students the opportunity to explore God’s Word, actively pursue their faith, and minister to one another and the community.

Our second priority is to help each of our students reach their full academic potentials. Accordingly, we offer solid core courses within an intimate classroom setting where students learn not only about a subject, but also how to think critically, read comprehensively, write concisely, and speak confidently. Each student leaving SCA is prepared to explore a further academic career, if so led. Therefore, we have a responsibility to help each of our students to reach their full academic potential.

In achieving these goals, we look to God’s guidance and wisdom so that SCA is a place that allows each individual student to grow spiritually, achieve academically and develop personally. It is always our prayer and ultimate goal that students view their time spent at SCA as a memorable and enriching experience.

In order for SCA to accomplish its goals, we look to partner with our parents in the education of our students. The blending of both the traditional classroom education and home-education environments does this. SCA teachers establish all course descriptions, objectives, lesson plans, and assessments. Teachers instruct students for two/three days on-campus of the school week, and parents are then given specific lesson plans and goals to accomplish at home on the other two/three days of the school week.

Our unique structure is designed for those families in which parents take an active role in the oversight and implementation of their children’s education. The level of parental involvement progresses from being a co-teacher in the elementary years, to a guide for dependent study in junior high, to more of a guide for independent study in the senior high courses. By partnering with our parents, SCA is then able to integrate the home and school instruction effectively toward the common goal of Christian character development and solid academic preparation.

K – 6th Grade: Co-Teacher – In this role, parents will receive instructions from the classroom teacher on a regular basis outlining homework assignments, follow-up study over covered material, and preparation or review needed for the next class. They will also bear the primary responsibility for direct instruction in some aspects of the course, such as spelling, and in monitoring their child’s academic progress (including the timely submission of all assignments).

7th–10th Grade: Guide for Dependent Study –This role will usually relate to parents with children in grades 7-10. These students are at a dependent age where disciplined study habits must be developed through positive encouragement and through the students’ growing awareness of personal consequences. In order for these classes to be successful, the teachers are dependent upon parents to make certain their children keep up with the course material assigned and to communicate to teachers if difficulties arise. In some cases, private tutoring might be necessary.

11th-12th Grade: Guide to Independent Study – Academic courses at the 11th and 12th grade levels will usually involve this role by the parent. Here, the parent has the opportunity to monitor the independent school work performed by their children while it is still possible for them to provide additional guidance if needed. Courses offered by a University-Model School at this level should mimic that of a junior or community college program where independent study skills and disciplined planning for completing homework assignments are necessary.


SCA has created a school setting that allows parents and teachers to partner together in educating students academically, socially, and spiritually.

Our kindergarten, first, second, and third grade classes meet twice weekly on campus in a traditional classroom setting that integrates all subjects taught by one teacher at each level.

The fourth through sixth grade programs, also meet on campus twice a week, and are offered a full course of study (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and History). Each course is approximately one hour in length and is taught by a qualified teacher. Our fourth through sixth grade teachers specialize in a specific subject and therefore only teach that subject. This structure has been found effective at ensuring that students receive quality education in all subjects. Students are required to register for the entire program.

This schedule differentiates our elementary program from a “traditional elementary school program” All of our elementary students are taught subjects in a classroom setting by the primary teacher on Wednesday/Thursday and by the parent/coach, following the teacher provided lesson plans, on Monday/Tuesday/Friday at home.

The secondary program also offers a full course of study which includes 60 minutes per on campus-day of teaching for the following subjects: Literature, Foreign Language, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, Computer Science, Biblical Studies, Math and a host of electives. Students register for individual classes and may take as few or as many as they desire. However, students that are planning on graduating through SCA need to take four core academic classes each year to meet the residency requirements for a diploma, ranking, cording, and transcript purposes.

Each student who registers for courses at SCA will have a transcript on file with the school, with a copy of this transcript made available to the student’s parents upon request.

SCA is accountable only for the courses taught at SCA. Any course instruction received at other non-accredited schools or instruction provided through home-education will be the responsibility of the parent. Transfer of credits for outside courses may be granted in accordance to SCA’s transfer credit policies. This will require a Parent and Student meeting with the Academic Advisor and the Department Head of said subject to begin the Transfer Credit process.

SCA will include approved parent courses of study (Transfer Credit) on a student’s transcript if the student meets residency requirements, transfer credit fees are paid in full and graduates from SCA.