Graduation Requirements

SCA requires that students take at least 22 courses to graduate. However, it is advised to take more due to the competitiveness of college programs. See the counseling department for more information and guidance.

Key: 10 credits is equal to 1 academic year.

Social Studies: 30 credits. Students are required to take World History, US History, and Government/Economics. Students can take Geography their freshman year.

English: 40 credits. Students are required to take Elements of Literature, World Literature, American Literature, and British Literature.

Mathematics: 20 credits. Students must take Algebra I and one additional math course. Other courses offered are Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and Personal Finance.

Science: 20 credits. Students must take one Life Science and one Physical Science course. Students looking to attend college should take Biology and Chemistry to meet these requirements. Further available courses include Physics and Anatomy & Physiology.

Foreign Language: 20 credits. Students must take at least two sequential levels of a foreign language. On campus courses offered include Spanish and Sign Language. Online courses add Latin, French, German, and Chinese.

Fine Arts: 10 credits. Students must take one year of fine arts. Class options include Watercolor Art or Photography.

Electives: 70 credits Total. Students must take one elective course (availability varies from year-to-year). *40 Bible, 10 Leadership, 10 Computer, 10 Elective, or One additional course of any other category except for PE counts as an elective course.

Biblical Studies: *40 credits. All students must take four years of Biblical Studies. Since we are a Christian school, we highly value the study, discussion, and living of God’s Word. Courses offered include Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Worldviews, and Biblical Finance.

Computer Science: 10 credits. All students must take a computer science credit. Courses offered include Microsoft Office, Graphic Design, or Video Editing.

PE: 20 credits. All students must participate in a sport or log enough hours to meet the PE requirement.