Welcome to Spirit Athletics

Spirit Christian Academy offers several opportunities for homeschooled athletes to be on competitive athletic teams.  Since CIF bans homeschoolers from competing on or against member school teams, we are members of the California Homeschool Sports League ( and have teams that compete in the following sports:

  • Fall Season:  Girls Volleyball and 8-man Tackle Football (boys only, ages 13+)
  • Winter Season: Boys Basketball and Girls Basketball
  • Spring Season: Boys Baseball, Girls Softball, Coed Track & Field, and Boys & Girls Soccer

Homeschooled athletes in grades 7 and up are eligible to participate in the various opportunities (except baseball, football and soccer which start at grade 9). Basketball starts at age 10.

Homeschooled athletes do not need to be academic students at Spirit Academy to participate in our sports programs.  They do need to be homeschooled at least 51% of the time and be 18 years old or younger by September 1 of the calendar year and have not participated in a matriculation from high school.  We draw athletes from all over Orange County and even have a couple of participants who live in Los Angeles and Riverside Counties.

Our teams compete in league play in the season of sport and have been improving steadily through the years.  Our most successful program has been Basketball where this past year we had 9 teams that finished with 2 state champions (Varsity Boys and 10U Boys), 4 state finalists (Varsity Girls, JV Boys and Girls, and Freshman Girls) and three third place (Freshman Boys, 12U Boys and Girls).  Were we able to compete in season with CIF teams, our Varsity teams would be competitive with programs in the 4A division as we have played those teams off season and have done well against them.  While not all of our programs are at that level, we would be competitive across the board in the 5AA division of CIF.  Considering that the CIF division 5 schools have 499 students or less, with our high school census well below 100, we are doing well to compete against these teams.

If you have further questions regarding the opportunities available, please contact John Simons at

Spirit offers 8-man tackle football in the fall season.  We are looking forward to a great season and are still needing more players.  Please contact for more information.

Spirit offers boys and girls basketball in the winter season.  We have teams at the Varsity, JV, Freshman, 12U and 10U levels for both genders.  Please contact for more information.

Spirit offers boys baseball in the spring season.  Please contact for more information.

Spirit offers girls volleyball for high schoolers in the fall season.  We are looking forward to a great season and are still needing more players.  Please contact for more information.