Adventure Trips

Each year Spirit students embark on two amazing adventure trips where they get the opportunity to see God’s breath-taking beauty in nature, develop closer bonds with their fellow students, are freed from the distractions of every day city life, and develop a more intimate relationship with God.

It doesn’t matter if you go on just one trip, or both of them, you are guaranteed to make some great memories and friends along the way.

The Surrendering

The surrendering trip is a week long excursion usually leaving Spirit on a Monday and returning on a Friday during the month of August where students are taken into God’s amazingly beautiful creation to learn more about Him, connect deeper to Him, and to connect to the fellow students of Spirit Christian Academy.

Students will be immersed in amazing worship, though provoking lessons, and team building and bonding events and challenges to get the students to make deeper, more personal connections with not only themselves, but also with God.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to have great fellowship with not only your friends, but with God as well.

Zion Adventure Trip

Each year in April, a group travels from Spirit to Zion National Park in Utah California where they hike, explore God’s creation, eat great food, and just build community and fellowship with one another.

┬áThis trip is usually over a weekend (Friday – Monday) where students will get the opportunity to go beyond themselves and step out of their comfort zones by experience God’s creation in an all new way.

Students participate in challenging (but definitely worth it) hikes and activities, play games, worship together, and get re-connected to God all over again.

This trip is a little more strenuous than the Surrendering trip, but it is also a great opportunity to have amazing fellowship with not only your friends, but with God as well.